Traditional Body Treatment

CHOCOLATE SCRUB (Rp743K / 1.5 hours)
Actually Chocolate is very rich of vitamin to antiaging and rejuvenate the skin. It is hih anti oxidant as well.

The gliseride of chocolate will mouisturizing and glowing so the skin will be look younger and shinny.

A traditional treatment from Java to rejuvenating and skin cleansing.

COFFE SCRUB (Rp743K / 1.5 hours)
Exfoliate using coffee for deep clean your tired skin and take of your dead skin.

MILK SCRUB (Rp743K / 1.5 hours)
The special scrub we offering to soften and moisturizing your skin.

COCONUT SCRUB (Rp743K / 1.5 Hours)
The exotic scrub with fresh coconut mixed with turmeric that refreshing and moisturizing for dry and sensitive skin following by carrot conditioner to completed your spa experience in well being.

SEAWEED SCRUB (Rp743K / 1.5 Hours)
Revitalizing for mature and tired skin, the seaweed scrub is rich mineral and vitamin E to rejuvenation of tired skin.

A warning Balinese treatment to exfoliate improve blood circulation and stimulate new cell growth with Balinese Traditional Scrub.

GREEN TEA SCRUB (Rp743K / 1.5 hours)
To remove fleck in skin and repair the skin cells from air pollution good for nourishing and whitening your dry skin.

CAPUCCINO SCRUB (Rp743K / 1.5 hours)
To smoothen and refine the skin, inhale it's delicate aroma will refresh and elevate the wood.